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Recent Publications from the Center (Since 2010):

Clinical Care

Lai C-H, Melli G, Chang Y-J, Skolasky RL, Corse AM, Wagner KR, Cornblath DR. Open muscle biopsy in suspected myopathy:  diagnostic yield and clinical utility. Eur J Neurol, 17:136-142, 2010. PMID: 19674068

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Clinical Research

Wagner KR.  Clinical Applications of Myostatin Inhibitors for Neuromuscular Diseases. Immun., Endoc &Metab. Agents in Med. Chem. 20: 204-210, 2010.

The Muscle Study Group. A randomized, pilot trial of etanercept in dermatomyositis. Ann Neurol, 70(3): 427-436, 2011. PMID: 21688301

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Nazarian S, Bluemke DA, Wagner KR, Zviman MM, Turkbey E, Caffo BS, Shehata M, Edwards D, Butcher B, Calkins H, Berger RD, Halperin HR, Tomaselli GF. QRS Prolongation in Myotonic Muscular Dystrophy and Diffuse Fibrosis on Cardiac Magnetic Resonance. Magn Reson Med, 64: 107-114, 2010. PMID: 20572151

Spurney CF, Rocha CT, Henricson E, Florence J, Mayhew J, Gorni K, Pasquali L, Pestronk A, Martin GR, Hu F, Nie L, Connolly AM, Escolar DM CINRG pilot trial of coenzyme Q10 in steroid-treated Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Muscle Nerve. 2011 Aug;44(2):174-8. PMID: 21698649

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Escolar DM, Hache LP, Clemens PR, Cnaan A, McDonald CM, Viswanathan V, Kornberg AJ, Bertorini TE, Nevo Y, Lotze T, Pestronk A, Ryan MM, Monasterio E, Day JW, Zimmerman A, Arrieta A, Henricson E, Mayhew J, Florence J, Hu F, Connolly AM. Randomized, blinded trial of weekend vs daily prednisone in Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Neurology. 2011 Aug 2;77(5):444-52. Epub 2011 Jul 13. PMID: 21753160

Turkbey EB, Gai N, Lima JA, van der Geest RJ, Wagner KR, Tomaselli GF, Bluemke DA, Nazarian S. Assessment of cardiac involvement in myotonic muscular dystrophy by T1 mapping on Magnetic Resonance Imaging. Heart Rhythm 2012. In Press. PMID: 22710483

Escolar DM, Zimmerman A, Bertorini T, Clemens PR, Connolly AM, Mesa L, Gorni K, Kornberg A, Kolski H, Kuntz N, Nevo Y, Tesi-Rocha C, Nagaraju K, Rayavarapu S, Hache LP, Mayhew JE, Florence J, Hu F, Arrieta A, Henricson E, Leshner RT, Mah JK. Pentoxifylline as a rescue treatment for DMD: a randomized double-blind clinical trial. Neurology. 2012 Mar 20;78(12):904-13. PMID: 22402864

Laboratory Research

Rahimov F, King OD, Warsing LC, Powell RE, Emerson CP, Kunkel LM, Wagner KR. Gene expression profiling of skeletal muscles treated with a soluble activin type IIB receptor. Physiol Genomics 43: 398-407, 2011. PMID: 21266502

Stadler G, Chen J, Wagner KR, Robin JD, Shay JW, Emerson CP Jr, Wright WE. Establishment of clonal myogenic cell lines from severely affected dystrophic muscles—CDK4 maintains the myogenic population. Skeletal Muscle. 1:12, 2011.

Greenberg SA, Salajegheh M, Judge DP, Feldman MW, Kuncl RW, Waldon Z, Steen H, Wagner KR. Etiology of limb girdle muscular dystrophy 1D/1E determined by laser capture microdissection proteomics. Ann Neurol. 71(1):  141-145, 2012. PMID:22275259

Kornegay JN, Childers MK, Boan DJ, Bogan JR, Nghiem P, Wang J, Fan Z, Howard JF Jr, Schatzberg SJ, Dow JL, Grange RW, Styner MA, Hoffman EP, Wagner KR. The paradox of muscle hypertrophy in muscular dystrophy.  Phys Med Rehabil Clin N Am 23(1): 149-172, 2012. PMID: 22239881

Li ZB, Zhang J, Wagner KR. Inhibiting myostatin reverses muscle fibrosis through apoptosis. J Cell Sci 2012. In press. PMID: 22685331

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